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We assess risks, exposures, and training needs to develop achievable goals for a safer workplace. Communication and collaboration help identify hazards, address health and safety concerns, and find solutions with employees.


Lear's Safety Services emphasizes interactive, hands-on training to enhance workplace safety and productivity. Tailored training plans are offered to meet OSHA and MSHA requirements.


Job-site visits are essential for quality assurance and compliance, helping to identify issues, assess risks, and prevent accidents. Inspections are customized for each construction task, considering hazards, legal requirements, and health and safety measures.

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Our Story

Lear's Safety Services, LLC, founded and operated by Troy and Alma Lear, is committed to helping clients establish safer and healthier work environments to ensure that employees return home safely to their families daily.

Working together with you, our goal is to create or improve your workplace safety and health strategies. Since our inception, we have focused on delivering outstanding results for our clients that are not only financially beneficial but also uniquely tailored, practical, comprehensive, and enduring.

We achieve tangible outcomes by focusing on strategic decisions and practical measures customized to each client's specific needs. Right from the start, we engage all levels of the organization, building momentum and capabilities for long-term success. We provide leaders with guidance on their most critical challenges and opportunities.

Our clients and their teams enjoy the following advantages:

  • Enhanced knowledge through the implementation of best practices, maintenance of an effective safety program, and compliance with OSHA and MSHA regulations.

  • Reduced industrial insurance premiums and avoidance of hidden costs related to workplace injury claims by implementing effective safety programs.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your employees. We are passionate about creating a safe work environment and take measure to ensure that your team members are protected.

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